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THE ”A” CARTEL by Bryant Sinkler

Living the ideal ambitious life is a reality for The “A” Cartel. They seem to have it all, The “A” Cartel:influence, beauty,money, intelligence, power, success and more.  Were personalities such as Rita Crundwell, Monsignor Nunzio Scarano, Leonard Glenn Francis and Marco Antonio Delgado seduced by the allure of  The “A”  Cartel? After all, Pandora’s box was a tease.

Since ancient civilizations to the circulation of today’s global elite, triumphs are desired. Likened to the architects of The Great Sphinx, riddled mystery and tenacious synergy, establish The “A” Cartel. Life’s past, present and future in the hands of the accomplished and select.  How well do they manage their own lives while attempting to control others? You will learn more about yourself. Actually, you could be “A” Cartel: Khodorkovsky’s release, Thomas Jane’s mindset concerning sexual nature and the fate of Gu Kailai. The”A”Cartel mentality; quite possibly an adhesive for the psyche of Hong Kong Tycoons, Illuminati, Freemasons, Bilderberg Group, Ndrangheta et. al. Who do they think they are? The “A” Cartel reigns but there is always a price to pay! Hervé Falciani a former HSBC-Geneva employee, has challenged Switzerland’s bank secrecy laws. Falciani helped uncover an international tax evasion Cartel. When investigators met with him, Falciani arrived escorted by three bodyguards and wearing dark sunglasses.

Monetarily the cost was $47.4 million for the Las Vegas Sands. Perhaps a desired entry for the Newton or Barcenas ‘secret papers’?

The New York Times indicate the practice of a calculating association, in an interesting article entitled The College Sports Cartel. Who really, makes these decisions imposing business sanctions?

Hence, The “A Cartel” Justin Bieber’s growing pains; Lance Armstrong’s victorious ride or Andrew Lohse’s fraternity cry; Ambitious lives of Truth or Dare!


“I read your book, The”A”Cartel, with both pleasure and profit. Mr. Sinkler has kept his eyes wide open in the corridors of privilege and generously offers the reader the fruits of his observations.”

-Patricia Angelin
Alba Technique New York


Thanks , awesome book. Again, really it is not just flattery. I also teach here in Cambridge , Operations Management as an Adjunct faculty at Cambridge College for undergrads. We are currently taking on the reading of Good to Great by Jim Collins and it deals with as you may know characteristics of leaders and the types of things that can help and also get in the way of success.

I just find your perspective refreshing. You kind of draw things out and guide the reader but at the same time allow the reader freedom to draw their own conclusions. I’m not a critic by any means so if my comments are misplaced forgive my openness here, it is just my modest interpretation of your work. Really though good stuff.

What you committed in words to the page speaks for itself. You gotta think though, you gotta put some effort into it . I like that, it really is my style which is why I’ve taken to it so much. I encourage our students to do the same.

-Rafael Leonor